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Prayers for Paynter

Posted by on September 5, 2012

Paynter, the three year old horse owned by Zayat Stables was diagnosed on August 26th with collitis. Today, he is fighting for his life as a result of the discovery that he has laminitis in three out of four hooves.¬† It’s a sad day for the Zayats, for Bob Baffert, for the doctors treating him and the fans who adored him.

According to the Daily Racing Form, Paynter’s condition continues to worsen. The reality is when horses like this develop laminitis that there generally is no cure and the most humane thing is to put him down. However, the Zayats will work to ¬†compassionately care for this horse, for he has run well and won for them. At some point however, the horse will be looked at and the tough decision will be made to put him down.

It’s sad, because the Zayats have a Grade I champion, who showed brilliant speed. He was a fan favorite who was starting to build his fan base after the defection, retirement or injury of the remaining 3 year old potential champions. Right now there is no cure for laminitis. The hooves become increasingly painful and inflamed where pressure cannot be put on them. The only resolution is fatal.

Know that the decision is not easy….I also know that the Zayats will make the best decision for the horse; it just may be a matter of time.


Todd Engel


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